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Week Three: Movement, Improv, Lighting

The tutorials this week range from exploration of physical theatre, through improv to tips on lighting up your project at home.

Building movement threads with Ella Hetherington

In this video, physical storyteller, theatre maker and performer Ella Hetherington encourages you to “drop into your body”, in order to find your own unique capacity for movement. Ella walks you through building your own movement threads using techniques such as Around-by-through; Lean-fall-catch; Fast-slow and more. Who says you need a dance background? Have some fun getting to know your body!

Improvisation with Libby Klysz

Improv legend Libby Klysz returns for Loungeroom Project 2.0 sharing with you techniques for solo improvisation. A very practical masterclass that should help you make your loungeroom project piece a bit more layered and much funnier!

Lighting techniques from Lucy Birkinshaw

Lighting in film literally exposes your viewer to what you want them to see… it also helps to tell a viewer how you want them to feel about what’s happening.

Wondering if lighting really matters? Live performance lighting specialist Lucy Birkinshaw demonstrates why. With practical exercises and experiments, Lucy’s tutorial will bring you to see lighting in the film and tv that you watch, allow you to grasp how lighting effects your emotions and help you light up your project.

Week Three Tutors

Ella Hetherington

Black and white head shot of Ella Hetherington, face angled to the side slightly but eyes looking straight at the camera

Ella is a theatre maker, educator and performer based in Western Australia. She has worked with many leading Australian and international companies across theatre, dance and physical theatre. She has toured her work throughout Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Libby Klysz

Libby is a director, producer, teacher and performer. She has worked with a variety of companies over twenty years, and even more independent artists. She directed Charlotte Otton in the heavily lauded Feminah (2019). Libby heads up Variegated Productions, with award winning shows such as Ragnarokkr (2020), Frankie’s (2018), The Man and The Moon (2016), Ramshackle & Kitsch (2017). She is an original performer with The Big HOO-HAA!

Lucy Birkinshaw

Lucy Birkinshaw is a lighting designer and artist, a co-founder of Filament Design Group whose design work spans theatre, music theatre, concert lighting, opera, dance, film and television. Lucy’s distinctive approach to depth, contrast and beauty within her designs make her an identifiable theatre artist.