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Week One: Storytelling, Writing, Acting

We open with Mararo Wangai & Chris Isaacs sharing strategies for a successful discipline of storytelling and Caitlin Beresford-Ord on acting basics.

Storytelling with Mararo

I believe in the strength and importance of approaching subjects in an intimate and responsible manner. As a playwright I write not only what I want to see on stage, but also that which I fail to see.

With a passionate interest in diverse forms of storytelling, Mararo shares with you his strategies for maintaining a regular and authentic writing practice. Trained through self-discipline and experience, rather than in big-name academies, Mararo challenges you to commit to your storytelling projects and to develop good habits. Enjoy your first 2021 Loungeroom Project tutorial with this lovely human:

Writing with Chris

In the second of the project’s tutorials hear from powerhouse local writer and co-founding member of Last Great Hunt, Chris Isaacs. Join Chris as he generously unpacks some of the major joys, challenges and techniques of writing theatre. Over to you Chris:

Caitlin with Acting Tips centred on Voice

How we speak is a clue into who we are.

Join experienced professional actor/singer Caitlin Beresford-Ord for a host of tips and techniques for exploring and creating the unique voice and expression of character. In this tutorial, the third in our first week, Caitlin shares her particular love of the voice. Feel free to dip in at your leisure and enjoy the process of pushing your safe boundaries and discovering your perfect character.


Enjoy all the wisdoms from these fabulous Week One tutors and tune in again on Monday, 5pm, for Jeremy James’ tutorial.

Week One Tutors

Mararo Wangai

Mararo is a Kenyan-born writer, performer and media graduate, with a passionate interest in diverse forms of storytelling. Has performed with Last Great hunt among others and his highly regarded recent work Black Brass premiered at Perth Festival in 2021 and is now touring nationally.

Chris Isaacs

Chris is a writer, devisor, performer, and founding core artist of The Last Great Hunt.  Writing credits include BITE THE HAND, YORK (Co-Written with Ian Michael), THE GREAT RIDOLPHI, FAG/STAG (co-written with Jeffrey Jay Fowler). As a co-devisor/performer: WHISTLEBLOWER, LÉ NØR, STAY WITH US, ALL THAT GLITTERS, and IT’S DARK OUTSIDE.

Caitlin Beresford-Ord

Caitlin has been an actor, singer and performance maker for over 25 years. She is a Teaching Artist for The International School’s Theatre Association, Bell Shakespeare Company, Black Swan State Theatre Company, ATYP and lectures at WAAPA.