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Week Four: Filming, Directing, Editing

Take time with Deborah May for tips on filming on an iphone, Zoe Pepper to grasp that directing x-factor, and Jude McAuley for splicing and slicing.

Filming on an iphone

Filmmaking is an art… use your camera as a sketchbook…

Deborah May shares tips for setting up your phone, framing and camera moves (panning, tilt, in, out, point of view). She also touches on light and the importance of quality sound. This practical and insightful tutorial should inspire you to want to learn more and keep filming.

Directing with Zoe Pepper

that version of yourself which is really free and playful is the… best tool to unlocking that [artistic] voice.

Keen to know how to get the story that’s in your head onto stage or screen? Join Zoe Pepper for all you need to know to create the conditions for having your best ideas, thinking in terms of “shots” and the storyboard and other prep work in the domain of the director. Go on – be brave, take the hot seat and put your creative vision out there!

More about shot choices

Once Upon A Time in the West

Count the shots in this clip

The Big Spaghetti

The rest of the episode that I played you a clip from:

The whole series:

Every Frame a Painting

Great Youtube channel to learn more about filmmaking

Charlie Kaufman Lecture

Great lecture about screenwriting that will help you better understand how to find your voice.


Editing with (Edit Ninja) Jude McAuley

The final tutorial for 2021 Loungeroom Project is from Edit Ninja Jude McAuley and it slaps! Building on her tutorial from 2020, Edit Ninja takes you through:

  • Beginnings & Endings
  • Sound Effects
  • CapCut

To view Edit Ninja’s 2020 tutorial, see here.

Free Stock Video and Photos

Free Sound Effects and Music

Free D&D Resources

More Free D&D Resources, here and here


More advanced CapCut tutorials


More advanced InShot tutorials

Week Four Tutors

Deborah May

Head shot of mature aged woman with red curly hair and glasses smiling at the cameraDeborah May’s passion and interest is in making films featuring dance, music and the performing arts: documentary, documentation and, especially, collaborations with choreographers, composers and theatre makers. Deborah studied Fine Art, in South Africa and in London, and worked in theatre, a museum, an art school, the United Nations film department, an animation studio, the BBC and is currently a freelance producer, director and editor in Perth, WA

Zoe Pepper

Macro shot of Zoe Pepper with headphones around her neck, water bottle and script in hand, ladder and partially built set in background

Zoe is a writer/director who tells big-hearted, dark and irreverent stories for theatre and screen. Zoe is a recipient of Screenwest’s prestigious Feature Navigator program. She has won an Australian Director’s Guild Award and her work has screened at the Slamdance Film Festival. Zoe has been commissioned to write for Windmill Theatre Company and Black Swan State Theatre Company and is a co-founder of Audioplay, an award-winning interactive audio app for kids.

Jude McAuley

Cartoon head shot of a ninja

Jude is a broadcast postproduction supervisor, editor and Adobe Master trainer. She is best known for her work on the ’72 Dangerous’ group of programs on Netflix but has worked on everything from short films to cooking programs, true crime, children’s drama and television commercials. In this series she will discuss some simple editing storytelling techniques and introduce an alternative free editing program.