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How it Works

Want to understand what's involved? Three simple steps: Learn, Rehearse, Perform!

The Act-Belong-Commit Loungeroom Project is for Western Australians aged between 13 and 26 who are interested in theatre and performance. Previous experience and training are welcomed but not essential.



Each week over 4 weeks, the Loungeroom Project will publish three free tutorials by professional artists who will unpack some of their creative practice for you. They will take you through activities that will allow you to explore a range of helpful theatre-making techniques and expand your toolkit. Loungeroom Project tutors and content can be found in the program.


Practice the techniques and skills you have learnt and use them to assist in making your own loungeroom project performance. You can use whoever and whatever you have with you at home. Your voice, your story, is often a good place to start, however you may have another angle. The only limit is your imagination.


Whatever you make will need to be performed in your loungeroom (or other household space or spaces) and filmed on your mobile device. You can film it as many times as you need to get it right and you will learn how to edit it ready for submission. When you are done you can submit your work to the Loungeroom Project.


  • Internet access – to access tutorials and content online
  • A mobile device with a camera – to record your performance
  • A loungeroom (or similar) to perform in – you don’t have to make and perform exclusively in your lounge room. You can use other rooms and spaces at home, a balcony or garden if you have one.


  • You must be a WA resident and between 13-26 years old on the date of 1 January 2022 to be eligible to submit an entry.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are not permitted if you are in the Junior Category (13-17 years-old).
  • Length of your entry must be between 150-300 seconds (2.5 to 5 minutes), including title pages.
  • You can submit just ONE entry per registered participant.
  • If you are the registered participant you must be the principal creative (more below).
Entries Open: 16 December 2021. Entries Close: 29 January 2022.


This project celebrates original creative work by young Western Australians. It challenges you to create a theatre/performance work in your loungeroom. The performance should demonstrate excellence in concept, performance skill and creativity. You can use whoever and whatever you have with you at home. But if you are the registered participant you must be the principal creative. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to appear in the final filmed performance. You could be the writer and or director. You might be a puppeteer or a narrator. It is up to you – it is about your ideas, stories and creativity.


Once you have submitted your short work the Loungeroom Project Preselection Panel will select 20 finalists for each category, Junior and Senior.

The finalists’ work will be shared by WAYTCo online and on social media. A guest Loungeroom Project Jury will then vote for the Jury Award Winners. The general public is invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award Winners.

The Loungeroom Project Jury will assess your work based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of concept
  • Creative use of your domestic environment and household elements
  • Excellence of performative outcome

Before you create and submit your work please read through the Project Guidelines, this includes important information about your performance, submission requirements, online etiquette and distribution information.

Also, to further understand what’s involved, take a look at the submissions of the 2020 finalists.

Need some inspiration?

View the top submissions from last year's project & see what a load of fun you can have!

Three young performers in various stances on a sofa, young female in foreground filming on her iphone