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Week Eight: Editing and Finishing Up

James Berlyn and Jude McAuley give some important tips about editing your filmed work and what you need to know about submission.

Editing with Jude McAuley

Jude is a broadcast postproduction supervisor, editor and trainer. She is best known for her work on the ’72 Dangerous’ group of programs on Netflix and is an Adobe Master Trainer. She will discuss basic editing techniques using a free downloadable editing software.


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Stock: Whenever you use music or a shot from a stock site, make sure to read the licence guide on each clip to better understand what you need to do to cover yourself copyright wise. Some are completely free, some require you to add their name at the end, and some only let you use a clip in limited circumstances. There are lots of places you can look, but here’s a couple to start:

Free and Royalty Free Music:

> Mix Kit

> Uscreen

> Wix

> Free Music Archive

Free Stock Video and Photos:

> Pexels

> Pixabay

> Unsplash

> Dareful

Finishing Up with James Berlyn

In the last tutorial of the project, James will take you through a checklist of things to consider before you submit your original short work to the Loungeroom Jury.


> Artistic Audit: .docx download

> Upload your video as unlisted: help video