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Week Seven: Filming and Directing

Join Stevie Cruz-Martin and Georgia Ivers as they discuss creative filming and directing methods for making work at home on your phone.

Directing with Stevie Cruz-Martin

Stevie Cruz-Martin is an award-winning film director, cinematographer and tutor working across Australia. In this tutorial she will unpack the essential principles of directing a short work in your loungeroom.



> Bensound: for online use, download free.

> Filmstro: free tracks and payment bundles.

> Incompetech: free music.

> Music Bed

> Premium Beat: one-off payment for each track or subscription.

> Soundstripe: one-off payment for each track, or alternate monthly bundles. I believe you can get your first 3 songs free.

> Sound Cloud: You can find royalty free tracks here

Sound Effects

> Zapsplat

> Free SFX

Helpful Links on Filmmaking

> Film Theory

> What is Theme

> Creating Unforgettable Film Moments

> Screen Australia Podcast

Making Film Bibles

> Canva: see Media Kit option

> Pinterest: I love scrolling Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr for referencing visuals

> Judith Weston: Script analysis and directing actors book

Cinematography – Georgi Ivers

Georgi is an emerging media artist and theatre maker from Perth. In this tutorial she unpacks creative ways to film your project on your mobile device, including storyboarding, framing and camera movement.


> 180 Degree Rule