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Week Three: People are Funny

Join Chris Edmund and Libby Klysz as they discuss creating fully realised characters in funny situations.

Meet this Week’s Tutors:
Chris Edmund

Headshot of tutor Chris EdmundChris Edmund was Head of the Acting Department at WAAPA for many years. Actors trained under his guidance include Hugh Jackman, Jai Courtney and Frances O’Connor. He was a Logie nominee for his performance as The Pronouncer on Channel Ten’s ‘The Great Australian Spelling Bee; and Voice Director on two Netflix shows Beat Bugs and Motown Magic. He has directed over 150 plays worldwide and is also a writer and painter.


Libby Klysz

Headshot of tutor Libby KlyszLibby Klysz is a performer, director, producer and teacher. She works for a wide variety of companies, including Perth Festival, Black Swan State Theatre Company, WAAPA and The Blue Room Theatre. She spearheads her own theatre company Variegated Productions, with multi award winning shows such as Frankie’s. Libby recently directed the smash hit show Feminah, and is an original cast member of long running impro comedy The Big HOO-HAA!


Character Development with Chris Edmund

Chris was the head of acting at WAAPA for many years and has directed over 150 plays worldwide. He is also a writer and painter. In this tutorial Chris will focus on writing character, specifically creating character development for humans and non-humans!

Join us for Chris’ Zoom session on Friday 26 June – for details and links please sign up.

Sketch Comedy Masterclass with Libby Klysz

Libby is a veteran of Perth theatre, comedy and making stuff up. In this tutorial she will give you a masterclass in sketch comedy covering the basics including comic premise, conflict, not putting a hat on a hat, and finding the game. Lucy also looks talks you through exaggeration, the importance of context, absurdist sketch, parody and satire.

Content Warning: This tutorial and its accompanying videos have a Parental Guidance warning. The sketches that Libby refer to and are linked below include coarse language, adult themes and references.

These are the links Libby refers to in her tutorial, in the order she refers to them:

> WATCH: Key and Peele – Clortho Inner City Wizarding School [content warning: clip included bleeped out coarse language]

> WATCH: Key and Peele – Substitute Teacher Mr Garvy [content warning: clip contains mild coarse language]

> WATCH: ‘Dear Mr Darcy’ –  by Sense and Spontaneity

> WATCH: Armstrong and Miller – RAF Pilot with Yellow Trousers [content warning: clip contains mild coarse language]

> WATCH: Monty Python – Dead Parrot

> WATCH: scene from The Mighty Boosh

> WATCH: Kristen Schall is a Horse!

> WATCH: A Sketch for the Women – SNL

> WATCH: Black Comedy – The Elders Pt 1 [content warning: clip contains coarse language]

Join us for Libby’s Zoom session on Saturday 27 June – for details and links please sign up.