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Week One: Creating a Story

Join James Berlyn and Andrea Gibbs as they help you make a plan and shape your story. They will unpack some fundamental questions for anyone embarking on a new theatre or performance work and explore the basics of storytelling.

Getting Started with James Berlyn

James is the Artistic Director of WA Youth Theatre Company. He is an award-winning performance maker of more than 35 years’ experience. In this tutorial he unpacks some fundamental questions for anyone embarking on a new theatre/performance work.

James’s tutorial explores four basic questions with accompanying brainstorm activities for each question. The questions in this tutorial are designed to assist you to develop your own artistic ‘road map’ which you can use as you create your original short work for The Loungeroom Project.

In this tutorial James refers to the following resources for you to download:


> Creating A Road Map (PDF Download)

> Fundamental Questions (PDF Download)

Storytelling with Andrea Gibbs

Andrea is the co-creator of Barefaced Stories, she is a comedian, actor and radio presenter on the ABC. In this tutorial she explores the basics of storytelling.

Content warning: A section of Andrea’s tutorial includes a mild sexual reference.

During this tutorial Andrea asks you to complete a couple of exercises and watch a short clip.


> Exercise One: Finding the Extraordinary (.doc Download)

> Exercise Two: Plot Points (.doc Download)

> WATCH At 26:50 in this tutorial Andrea asks you to view this short clip of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Content warning: This video has some course language that has been bleeped out.

Week One Tutors

James Berlyn

James Berlyn HeadshotJames Berlyn is a performing artist of more than thirty years-experience. He is the instigator and co-founder of Proximity Festival, Australia’s first festival of one-on-one performance. He was a co-founding director of Tracksuit, WA’s adult disability performance group. James has been a guest lecturer at WAAPA in various guises since 1990. He is currently the Artistic Director of WA Youth Theatre Company, for whom he created and directed the multi-award winning hits at WA’s FRINGE WORLD festival, yourseven (2018), REST (2019) and Body Rights (2020).

Andrea Gibbs

Andrea Gibbs headshotAndrea Gibbs is the host of ‘Weekends With Andrea Gibbs’ on ABC digital radio across Australia and the co-creator of Barefaced Stories, Australia’s longest-running storytelling night of its kind. Andrea is also an actor and was billed as a ‘revelation’ by The Australian newspaper in the lead role of Griffin Theatre Company (SYD) & Perth Theatre Company’s production of 8 Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography by Declan Greene. She has most recently been seen in Is This Thing On?

Find out more about Andrea’s work:

Week Two

Your Story

Join Kiruna Stamell & Zac James as they explore the importance of inclusivity and respect in the creative process.

Week Three

People Are Funny

Create fully realised characters in funny situations with Chris Edmund and Libby Klysz.

Week Four

Acting Skills

Ben Mortley explores some acting basics and the use of imagination in performance.