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Program Week-by-week

Week One

Creating a Story

Join James Berlyn and Andrea Gibbs as they help you make a plan and shape your story.

Week Two

Your Story

Kiruna Stamell and Zac James explore the importance of inclusivity and respect in the creative process for both artists and audiences.

Week Three

People are Funny

Join Chris Edmund and Libby Klysz as they discuss creating fully realised characters in funny situations.

Three young performers in various stances on a sofa, young female in foreground filming on her iphone
Week Four

Acting Skills

Ben Mortley explores some acting basics and the use of imagination in performance.

Week Five


Claudia Alessi and Laura Boynes explore how movement can enhance a story and also be the story.

Week Six

Objects & Lighting

Tim Watts and Pete Young discuss creating your own theatre space, non-verbal storytelling, puppetry, & lighting techniques at home.

Week Seven

Filming & Directing

Stevie Cruz-Martin and Georgia Ivers discuss creative filming & directing methods for making work at home on your phone.

Week Eight

Editing & Finishing Up

Jude McAuley gives some important tips about editing your filmed work & James Berlyn tells you what you need to know about submission.

Want to know more about the project?

If you are keen to know more about the origin, reach & impact of the inaugural Loungeroom Project